Located in the heart of Chagrin Falls, Rick’s Cafe offers an eclectic menu featuring gourmet burgers, classic barbecue, fresh seafood and house made soups. Enjoy live music, craft beers and signature cocktails at Rick’s — and learn why we have been a neighborhood staple in the Chagrin Falls community for over 35 years....and why Everybody Comes to Rick's.


86 N Main Street
Chagrin Falls, OH




MON  —  L 11:30-3pm
          D 3-9PM

TUE    L 11:30-3PM
            D 3-9PM

WED  —  L 11:30-3PM
             D 3-9PM

THU  —  L 11:30-3PM
             D 3-9PM

FRI  —  L 11:30-3PM
         D 3-1oPM

SAT  —  L 11:30-3PM
          D 3-1OPM